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Next step

The filler primer has been applied and the boat is ready for prepping for its top coat. We'll start with the roof and work downwards...

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The Jotamastic 87 has been keyed ready for the next priming coat of Penguard, which will be applied on Monday.


The sprayfoaming is complete and the interior has been prepared for wiring.

Final prep

The battens are taped up and the subfloor is going down.


The front ten bay and a half bays have been loaded with a single layer of concrete commons ballast
. This is just under 500 bricks.

Exterior paintwork

We have finalised plans for the exterior, classic navy blue (Jotun Antlia Blue) with cream roof and coachlines (Jotun Centaurus Cream) and red detailing (Epifanes) on the sliding hatch, front locker and along the cabin top handrails. image to follow.